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Thoughts on Technology

  Making a website was quite the challenge for me. I would spend hours on the internet learning binary to write out messages and learning how to break down CSS code, but I never really got past that. I could read the language of the internet but not speak it. So when I was asked to write a paper using technology I was so pumped. I usually spent most of my day doing research on the internet trying to learn new things so getting a grade for it was the most exciting thing ever. But, then the bad news came. We actually had to make a website.

My boyfriend is a graphic design major and when he starts to talk about computers and their inner workings I usually cut him off and change this subject. The internet is one of the best things out there and I understand how it works, but I can’t actually make it work. I was doomed.

I left class that day trying to be hopeful as I sang the Doom song from Invader Zim in my head, but there was hope. I learned about WordPress. Although I am inept with coding I can zoom through the interface of a website. Once past my fear of creating a website the project came much smoother to me.

I wrote about my own experiences in my website so research was a little different. Instead of looking for facts to help me learn more I was usually looking for facts to back up what I already knew. I was convinced that I wouldn’t learn anything new with this project but the limitless nature of technology had gone ahead of me. I was able to use all of the blogs that I love to read in a project. I was able to watch videos and use them as a source.

This new level and availability gave my project a whole new dimension. Instead of just being a paper that cites outdated books I have a website that can be accurate up to the minute. Apart from the ability to keep my website current the best thing had to be the levels of opinions.

I based a lot of my website on feminist attitudes, but it is difficult to gauge and evaluate feminism. The internet provided the best way for me to compare my thoughts to that of those I don’t know. Compared to traditional research I would only be able to use the opinions of those that a publisher considers important enough to publish. This gave me a new range of opinions and options to work with.

I used examples from television and current culture as some of the biggest basis for my arguments. With a traditional paper all of this would not be possible. No matter what way I could have done this project the internet provided a better way of doing it.

The most important thing that I have learned to do with this website is to never consider learning to be static. You can learn something new from videos, pop culture, radio, pictures, books, magazines, and blogs. The definition of only “real” research coming from books and journals is an opinion of the past.

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  1. simcha permalink
    April 13, 2011 11:44 pm

    Web site design is awesome, and this site is boss!

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