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Annotated Bibliography


“Beauty.” Merrian Webster. Web. <;.–  The best dictionary website with the clearest definitions and intelligent retrieval methods.

“Black is beautiful, but black women face problems in fashion world .” Cocorioko Press 25 007 2010: n. pag. Web. 9 Apr 2011. <;.—This article is one re-posted from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The source is extremely credible but the website itself does not seem like a good source. The story itself, though, is well worth the read because it shows the very clear connections to feminism and reasons why black women are not very accepted in the fashion world.

“Eating Disorder Facts for Parents of Middle School Girls .” EduGuide. Web. 9 Apr 2011. <;.—This website does a good job of showing very accurate statistics, but if these weren’t also posted on other sites the credibility would be gone. There is very little citation on this cite and it almost looks made up.

Kural, Phil. “Quitter’s Can’t be Supermodels.” Reality TV Hall Of Shame. 19 010 2005. Web. 9 Apr 2011. <;.—This is a very generic website that keeps old reports on TV show episodes. Does not seem like a trustworthy website but I have seen multiple shows listed on the site and the description is very accurate.

Masnick, Mike. “Why Ralph Lauren Photoshopped That Model So Skinny… It Thought She Was Fat… At 120 lbs.” techdirt. 16 010 2009. Web. 9 Apr 2011. <;.—The article on this website shows a good amount of coverage on the Fillipa and Ralph Lauren scandal. It shows very well the standards that Photoshop has created for girls to live up to. It doesn’t seem like the most credible source but it has the best editorial section.

Maglaty, Jeanne. “When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?.” Smithsonian 08 004 2011: n. pag. Web. 12 Apr 2011. <;. – I didn’t cite this website much but the information in this posting is amazing. The Smithsonian goes into detail about the colors that correspond to gender and the societal repercussions that this has had. It gave me a talking point about the pre-established roles of men and women by a gender society, but it is a more interesting piece to read on the general history on color and infants. Very credible because it is the Smithsonian.

“Memorable Quotes From American Beauty.” IMDb. 1999. Web. 13 Apr 2011. <;. – IMDb is considered the go to fact base for movies. It was very accurate because I saw the movie and the quote was the same.

Milburn, Michael. “THE EFFECTS OF VIEWING R-RATED MOVIE SCENES THAT OBJECTIFY WOMEN ON PERCEPTIONS OF DATE RAPE.” Sex Roles: A Journal of Research (2000): n. pag. Web. 12 Apr 2011. <;.—I didn’t cite this source as much as I would have liked to. The journal article gave me some new perspectives on the role of television on the perspective of women and rape. It is a very well done journal summary and the findings were very informative.


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